Category - Ghats of Varanasi

The great river bank at Varanasi, built high with eighteenth and nineteenth-century Pavilions and places, temples and terraces are lined with an endless chain of stone steps-the Ghats progressing along the whole of the waterfront, altering in appearance with the dramatic seasonal fluctuations of the river level. Each of the hundred Ghats, big and small, is marked by a lingam and occupies its own special place in the religious geography by the city. Some have crumbled over the years; other continues to thrive, with early-morning bathers. Brahmin priests offering Puja and people practicing meditation and yoga can be spotted here every day. Hindus regards the Ganga and nectar, the elixir of life, which brings purity to the living and salvation to the dead. – Traduit par Dr. Anil Kumar Chaturvedi