Varanasi is as old as the existence itself. There is no such point of time when this city grew or lost its charm, as it is far less about the skin, and par about the saunter and the soul. Because, people around world visit here to preach, to pray, to learn, and to die. Yes, the folk lures say, the souls that end up in Kashi, end up straight to heaven. And this makes it the city of Salvation.

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Prayag Ghat

Prayag ghat is one of the pilgrimage overflowing with devotees that come to offer their prayers day and night. Prayag Ghat was built by queen maharani H.K.Devi of of...

Shitla Ghat

Prominent for cultural and spiritual practices performed here, Sheetala Ghat is prominent for the very famous temple of the Hindu goddess Sheetala, on the head of the...