Varanasi Tourist Do’s and Don’t


  1. Tourist information should be sought from reliable sources only.
  2. Take care of your belongings.
  3. Always keep the contact details, e-mail address, of your hotel, tour operator, tourist guide etc.
  4. Currency exchange should be done through authorized bank or registered money exchange centre.
  5. Always rely on authentic website or booking centre for ticket, tour and hotel booking.
  6. Always take services of license/ authorized tourist guide.
  7. Always keep your travel documents, passport, tickets etc. carefully.
  8. Follow the decorum of religious places.
  9. Maintain the cleanliness of tourist place.
  10. Dispose the garbage in dustbin available nearby you or carry the same in a paper of plastic bag till you find one to dispose.


  1. Do not accepts edibles or drinks from any stranger.
  2. Do not do photography in restricted areas or sites.
  3. Do not use drone camera without prior permission of local police /administration.
  4. Do not consume drugs or any other prohibited intoxicant.
  5. Don’t go with unacquainted to any unknown place.